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Parks & Recreation Bylaws 2019

NAME:  The Committee shall be known as the Morristown Parks and Recreation Committee.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the Morristown Parks and Recreation Committee is to seek the development of a wide variety of recreation programs, park facilities and services to meet the total needs of the residents of the community.
MEMBERS: The Committee shall be composed of not more than eleven members appointed for a three year term by the Morristown Selectboard. At least one member will be the Chairperson of the Morristown Summer Recreation Camp Program.  The majority of members shall be residents of the Town of Morristown. Vacancies shall be filled by the Selectboard upon recommendation from the Committee. 

OFFICERS:  Officers of the Recreation Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary selected annually by a majority vote of the Committee members at the annual meeting in September. 
Chairperson: shall preside over all committee meetings, sign all required official documents, appoint committees and call special meetings when needed.
Vice Chairperson: shall perform the duties of the Chairperson in latter’s absence.
Treasurer: shall submit all bills to the Town Finance Department for timely payment, work directly with the Town Treasurer & Town Finance Department on all financial transactions that involve the Committee, provide monthly financial reports to the Committee and submit the annual budget to the Town Finance Department.
Secretary: shall notify all members in writing of all meetings, keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the meetings, prepare the agenda in conjunction with the Chairperson, email and post the agenda and minutes of the prior meeting at least five working days before the meeting and write up the Committee’s annual report to submit to the Town Administration Department for the Annual Town Report by January 1st.
DUTY OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Committee members shall deem it a civic duty to attend all Committee meetings. Any member missing more than three (3) consecutive meetings may, by vote of the Committee members, be considered as an adjunct member without voting rights, or terminated, at the discretion of the Committee. It is the duty of the Chairperson to inform the Selectboard of a vacancy.  Committee members shall make decisions resulting in a recreation program most appropriate for the Town. No special favoritism for any section of the Town shall be shown. The Committee shall establish all policies of operation including the setting of fees.

COMMITTEES: Standing Committees shall be appointed in accordance with real need and on a continuing basis.  The Morristown Summer Recreation Camp Program will be an independent subcommittee with its own governing Board.
MEETINGS: Regular meetings shall be held monthly. Meetings will be held at the municipal office building unless otherwise specified by the Chairperson and shall be held in compliance with Vermont’s open meeting law V.S.A. Title I, §312.  Those members present at any duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum and the meetings shall be conducted according to procedure set forth in Roberts Revised Rules of Order.
BUDGET: The Committee shall prepare the annual budget based upon a Plan of Action prepared by the entire Recreation Committee. This budget shall itemize appropriations necessary for the operation of the Committee and shall be finalized annually at the October Committee meeting in time for the Treasurer to submit it to the Finance Department to be included in the Town general budget.
AMENDMENTS: These rules and regulations may the altered, amended or repealed at any stated meeting of the Council by a two-thirds vote of the Board. Members present will vote and all members will be notified of any proposed change prior to the meeting at which it is voted upon.
Amended and approved by the Morristown Parks & Recreation Committee on: February 6, 2019
Approved by the Morristown Selectboard on: February 12, 2019